1. Definition

Cookies are small text files placed on your device when you visit our site and are used to make the users experience more efficient. We are able to store cookies on your computer where they are necessary for the operation of the site however, for non-essential cookies we need your permission.

  1. How we use Cookies

We use cookies to help us serve you with better and more relevant ads about our products and services and to recognise you and your preferences, improve our site’s performance and collect analytical information for ourselves and our business partners. Without the knowledge gained we would not be able to provide the service we do.

  1. ‘Session’ and ‘Persistent’ Cookies

‘Session cookies’ allow us to track your actions during a single browsing session, but they do not remain on your device afterwards. ‘Persistent cookies’ remain on your device between sessions. We use them to authenticate you and to remember your preferences. We can also use them to balance the load on our servers and improve your experience on our site. Session and persistent cookies can be either first or third party cookies. A first-party cookie is set by the website being visited; a third-party cookie is set by a different website. Both types of cookie may be used by us or our business partners.

Third Party Cookies we use include:

• __utma
• __utmb
• __utmc
• __utmz
• ___utmv

All of the above:
Various duration: a mix of session and “permanent” cookies lasting 30 mins, 6 months, or 1-2 yrs.

Anonymously tracks use of website. These cookies are set or updated on any page visited. See here for full details. Several cookies are set but all serve the same purpose: to see how people reached the site and used it, including search terms used and referring sites.

• _hjIncludedInSample
• _hjMinimizedPolls
• _hjUserId
• _hjDonePolls

Duration: 180 days. Hotjar is an analytics and feedback tool that we use to understand how our website is used and improve usability. Hotjar sets cookies to help us track behaviour across pages and to control visitor polls. The cookies carry no personally identifiable information.

Duration: 180 days. We use the Facebook Pixel to understand conversion tracking, for optimisation and remarketing purposes. For information on how to opt out visit: http://optout.aboutads.info/#!/. To view Facebook’s privacy policy visit: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy

Duration: 13 months. Webpage visitors are tagged with cookies placed in your browser to provide personal advertising based on recent browsing. No IP address or personal data information is collected. For info, to opt out and to view AdYouLike’s privacy policy visit: https://www.adyoulike.com/privacy_policy.php.

First Party Cookies set by Snug Boilers:
• has_js. Session duration. Allows the server to know if it can depend upon javascript. Set to “1” if user has javascript enabled by whichever page a visitor arrives on
• session id. 3 weeks duration. Used to log in or save your progress within our calculator. Set on any page when a visitor arrives
• cookiesenabled. 1 year duration. Used to decide whether to show the “cookie warning” bar. If this cannot be set to true then cookies are disabled and the bar is not shown. Set on any page when a visitor arrives
• cookieconsent. 6 month duration. Set if the visitor has dismissed the “cookie warning” bar and thus indicated that they do not need to be warned again. Set on any page when a visitor dismisses the bar

  1. Disclaimer

All our cookies are categorised by the role they fulfil on our website: If at any time you wish to disable our cookies, you may do so through the settings on your browser. However, if you choose to disable or delete our cookies that will prevent certain important areas and features of our service from functioning properly. (but if you do so you will not be able to use certain important features of our service).

You can find additional information at AboutCookies.org. Notwithstanding, the audit undertaken regarding our cookies, it is possible we may have missed one from our list above. If you happen to find one that is being set on our site, please let us know.
a. Strictly Necessary: these are essential to enable you to move around our website and use features such as secure services. Without these cookies such services could not be provided;
b. Functionality: allow the website to remember your choices and to personal certain features. These cookies may be anonymised and cannot track your browsing activity on other websites; and
c. Performance: collect information as to how users use the website. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor.

The information collected is aggregated and used to improve our website.